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Reasons for Corns

A corn that develops on the foot can produce severe pain and discomfort. It happens as a result of excessive pressure that is put on a specific part of the foot from the worn shoes. The places where corns can develop are on the side of the pinky toe, the soles of the feet, or on top of the toes. Many people choose to wear shoes that are too tight because of workplace policies or for appearance reasons, and this may be why corns can develop. Patients who have corns that are not treated or removed may notice their gait or walking style is compromised, which is a defense mechanism against the pain. Mild relief may be found when the foot is soaked in warm water, and a pumice stone is used which may reduce the size of the corn. This is generally a temporary fix and the corn may reappear if not treated permanently. If you are afflicted with a corn, it is strongly suggested that you speak to a podiatrist who can offer you several treatment options.

Corns can make walking very painful and should be treated immediately. If you have questions regarding your feet and ankles, contact Jordan S. Steinberg, DPM of Florham Park Podiatry . Our doctor will treat your foot and ankle needs.

Corns: What Are They? And How Do You Get Rid of Them?
Corns are thickened areas on the skin that can become painful. They are caused by excessive pressure and friction on the skin. Corns press into the deeper layers of the skin and are usually round in shape.

Ways to Prevent Corns
There are many ways to get rid of painful corns such as:

  • Wearing properly fitting shoes that have been measured by a professional
  • Wearing shoes that are not sharply pointed or have high heels
  • Wearing only shoes that offer support

Treating Corns

Although most corns slowly disappear when the friction or pressure stops, this isn’t always the case. Consult with your podiatrist to determine the best treatment option for your case of corns.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office located in Florham Park, NJ . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

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